Palmer Press, established in 1981 by child psychiatrist and author Dr. Thomas Millar and now owned by his daughter, editor and writer Laura Millar, is the publisher of several best-selling books:

The Omnipotent Child is our best-selling guide to the remedial parenting of difficult children.

Rearing the Preschool Child - now available as an e-book - is a practical yet thoughtful book designed to help parents promote adaptive growth in their young children.

The Myth of Attention Deficit Disorder argues that ADD and ADHD are not proper diagnoses and prescription drugs such as Ritalin are not the right options for helping difficult children.

"This book was recommended to me when I went to my pediatrician desperate for help with my very difficult to parent child. I left upset that I only had a book to go home to read. However, in the first hour of reading I knew I'd hit the jackpot. Dr. Millar was describing my child!! The advice and techniques listed in this book are the most effective I've ever tried. If you have a "difficult" child, follow the advice in this book and your life will change immediately. AWESOME!!!"

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