The Omnipotent Child

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:

The Dewey Syndrome:  What is the psychology of the omnipotent child?

Chapter 2:

The Omnipotence Illusion:  Where does the omnipotence come from?

Chapter 3:

Egocentricity:  Why do some children remain self-centered?

Chapter 4:

Patience and Self-Control:  Why do some children remain impatient and impulsive?

Chapter 5:

The Growth of Self-Esteem:  Why do these children ultimately lack self-esteem?

Chapter 6:

How Dewey Got that Way:  How has the child's adaptive growth failed?

Chapter 7:

The Principles of Discipline:  Why is logical, planned, and effective discipline critical to child rearing?

Chapter 8:

Remedial Parenting:  How can parents design a re-parenting program to get their child back on track?